Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Back!

So this blog is called "Teachers Cannot Live By Apples Alone" and what I mean by that is that because teaching can be stressful, we need those little moments that make it all worthwhile.  And I had one of those last night!  I was correcting papers and at the bottom was of one was a little note from an older sibling, a former student that I had a few years ago..."Mrs. Stoll, do you remember me?".  And I answered, "of course!"  I am just glad they remember me!  :)  That made me feel all fuzzy inside.

People always ask if the first day back is rough.  Actually it isn't because the kids  are half asleep!  The second day is rougher!  Plus I have young kids and I haven't been able to really sleep in at all during break, so its not like I got used to sleeping in.  Maybe when my kids are teenagers it will be rough.

Anyway, here is another activity to do with "Does A Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?" by Eric Carle.  It is a picture/cvc word match.

Download the Kanagaroo Picture/CVC Word Match Here

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