Saturday, January 29, 2011

Even More Insect Literacy Activities

We are going into week two of our insect themed literature during language arts.  Here are some the other books we have looked at or will look at during the next couple of weeks:

 I'm glad we do a couple of classic songs.  We can read the book and then get up and get our bodies moving as we act out the songs.

Next, we have a couple of fables.  We discuss what a fable is and how it teaches a lesson.  We read "The Ant and the Grasshopper" out of the version of "Aesop's Fables" by Jerry Pinkney.

"Wonderful Worms" is an  awesome non-fiction book to read.  It goes very well with a science unit that we do later in the year called "Living Things".  I have always thought that worms were not insects and was confused as to why this book was included in this theme.  So I looked it up and I was right.

 Here is one of the poems that we have done:

Fuzzy Wuzzy, Creepy Crawly
by Lilian Schulz.
Fuzzy wuzzy, creepy crawly
Caterpillar funny,
You will be a butterfly
When the days are sunny.
Winging, flinging, dancing, springing
Butterfly so yellow,
You were once a caterpillar,
Wiggly, wiggly fellow.

Sometimes I have my students illustrate the poem, find high frequency words, and whatever letter we are focusing on that week. I purposely don't decorate these sheets with cute clip art or graphics because I want the kids to focus on their own drawings.

Download the Poem Sheet Here
Finally, I noticed when doing assessments for report cards that some students need extra practice with high frequency words, so I created this game.

Download the Insect Sight Word Game Here

Have a great Saturday!


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