Thursday, January 13, 2011

May The (air) Force Be With You

We are continuing our unit on motion.  Today we reviewed pushing and pulling.  We talked about how an object has to have a force on it to move.  Then I asked the kids how they could get a ball to move without touching.  Pretty quickly someone came up with idea of blowing on it.  They also brainstormed using a fan or having the wind blow it.

We made prediction about which of two types of balls would be easier to move by blowing on them, a golf ball or a ping pong ball.  Then I gave each person a straw and he or she shared the golf and ping pong balls with a partner.  They had to find out which was easier to move by blowing air through the straw.  Here are some pictures:

They had a blast!

We came back together and discussed which ball was easier to pong..and why...because it is lighter.  Then we recorded the results in our science journals.

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