Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Insect Literacy Activities

With wind chills well below zero it was a good day to stay inside yesterday!  That and relatively mellow children and I was able to get quite a few things ready for next week.  All these activities are made to go with the book "Look Closer" by Brian Wildsmith, but they could also be used for a more general insect theme.

 Download a Phoneme Segmentation Activity Here

Download a Beginning Sound Activity Here

Download a Nonsense Word/Read Word Sort Here

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. Thanks for sharing! These are just what i need for the children to practice their skills :)

  2. I tried downloading these, & I was logged into the Google Docs. It wouldn't/couldn't find any of them & said, "Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing."

    Do you have them posted anywhere else that they would open?


  3. I got the same thing. "We are unable to retrieve the document for viewing".

  4. Sorry! I forgot to make them public...should work now.