Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kindergarten In Motion

We are about 5 lessons into our second science unit called "Kindergarten In Motion"  Good title, don't you think?  We use science curriculum from the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center.  It is very hands on and fun for the kids.  They always look forward to science time.

Here are some books that we are reading with the unit:

We start started our unit by observing and discussing how we move when we are out on the playground.  We created this chart:

Next, we observed how different kinds of balls moved.  I gave each pair two different kinds of balls (beach balls, ping pong balls, golf balls, wooden craft balls, bouncy balls) and they observed how their balls moved, whether they were fast or slow, light or heavy,etc.  We recorded our findings in our science journals.  Here are some pictures of us exploring with the balls.

We were definitely in motion!  Yesterday, the guest teacher worked on pushing and pulling an object.  I will review that on Thursday and we also are going to see if we can move an object without touching it!  How do you think we will do it?

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