Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Five Little Ducks Bingo Games

Sorry I haven't been blogging regularly.  I haven't been feeling well.  Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, so hopefully I will be on the road to recovery.  I wanted to share a few things that we have been or will be working on over the next few weeks.  All the activities are bingo games.  The kids really like them and they are a fun way to practice skills.  They are also easy to level, based on the kids abilities.

The first is a CVC word bingo game, which my parapro played today with the kids who need to work on this skill.  We are focusing on short "u" words, so those are the words that are in the game.  Click on the picture below to download.

Next are two sight word games.  The first uses the high frequency words from our Harcourt Brace Trophies reading series for the kids who still need to work on those words.  The second uses Dolch word lists that are not part of our program for the students who have mastered the Harcourt words.

Looking forward to our Very Special Person Day on Thursday!

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  1. I love these activities! These are wonderful especially for my ELL students. I was hoping to use the memory word bingo although it says I do not have access to download it so I can print it. Is there anyway you could send it to me?