Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Bulletin Boards and Crafts

I've said before that I love all the colorful bulletin boards as I walk down my hallway at school, so I decided to highlight some of them here :)

Here is our awesome Wrap Around class.  They have a couple of projects going on their board.  Here are some close ups.
A cute bee

Paper flowers

Here is my board that I just took down.  The caterpillars and ladybugs were made with the art teacher in art class.


This board is the from the hearing impaired preschool across the hall. Based on the book "Ollie" by
Olivier Dunrea.

 Another cute project from our preschoolers!  Ladybugs!!

The last board is my one of our awesome first grade teachers.  I just love the butterfly life cycle project she does with pasta!

Butterfly with paper plate

life cycle of a butterfly with different kinds of pasta

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