Thursday, April 28, 2011


The kids loved the book, "Come Along Daisy" by Jane Simmons that we read on Tuesday.

We created a chart of descriptive words about Daisy.  I was surprised at how hard this was in the beginning, but they finally got it and took off.  I thought the descriptions "ramped up" and "naughty" were funny because those are words that I use frequently to describe behavior.

When I checked at our public library in town, I was amazed at many "Daisy" books there were!  I checked out a few more and today we read, "Daisy and the Egg".
We used that as a springboard for a directed drawing of a duck.  I am trying to work on drawing skills more with them.  I used this book from Scholastic and modified the bird drawing into a duck.

They turned out so cute and I like how they are all a little bit different.  Here are some in progress samples.
I asked them to write sentences about a duck and add background to their drawings.  Here are some completed pages.

I thought they turned out really cute!

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