Friday, March 18, 2011

Planting Seeds in Different Kinds of Earth Materials

We are continuing our unit in science called "My Earth".  So far we have talked about land and water and about different types of land.  Mrs. Griffey, our WMU student, presented a lesson on planing pumpkin seeds in different kinds of earth materials, soil, sand, and pebbles.

She started with a KWL chart and recorded what the students knew and wanted to know about planting seeds.

I was really impressed with the questions the students came up with as this is usually a really had thing for kindergartners to do.

Next, we introduced the activity and showed the students the different types of earth materials that they would be planting their pumpkin seeds in.  She had them make predictions about which type of earth material would grow the seeds faster.

Next, the students each got to plant a seed in each type of earth material.  We had soaked the seeds overnight, so hopefully they will grow faster.

Last, the students recorded in their science journals what the plantings looked like on the first day.  They will do a couple more recordings as the plants grow.

Hope we see some growth before Spring Break!!

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