Saturday, March 19, 2011

If You Find a Rock

As part of our earth science unit, we took a look at several kinds of rocks.  First we read this book:

This is a really sweet story, about making everyday rocks into special things..a wishing rock, a memory rock..etc..  After we read it, the kids always want to talk about special rocks they have or have had.

Next we looked at three different kinds of rocks: granite, limestone, and conglomerate.  We looked at them with magnifying glasses, felt them, and smelled them.

We then discussed the similarities and differences between the three different rocks.

We recorded our favorite rock in our journal.  I guess I did not get pictures of those, I will have to add them another time.  I also added some different types of rocks to the science table for the children to sort and look at.

I am down with strep this weekend.  It has been ripping through our school all year and it finally got me.  Went to the doctor and got an antibiotic yesterday, but I don't feel much better.  Hopefully by Monday I will be back on track.

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