Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

We had such a great time today reading books and doing activities for Dr. Seuss' birthday!  Days like this I live for as a teacher :)

Here are some of the fun things we did:

We started off with our question of the day:  "What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?"

Next, we read, "Green Eggs and Ham".  Lots of discussion about whether we had or had not ever eaten green eggs and ham and if not, then would you eat it or not?

Next we did our literacy center rotations and had several Dr. Seuss choices.

Green Eggs and Ham short vowel sorting that was posted by the fabulous Debi Goodman on the Making Learning Fun website.  She makes awesome stuff!!  For the below grade level group, I limited it to two vowel sounds.  For the on grade level and above level groups, I had them listen for all the vowel sounds.

I used this long vowel bingo game with my above grade level group.  This was also by Debi Goodman and posted at the Making Learning Fun yahoo group.  I was amazed at how motivated the group was to sound out the words correctly for the game.

Green Eggs and Ham rhyming game at the letter/word work shelf, also by the awesome Debi Goodman.

I have one more word work activity  to post, but  forgot to get a picture of it.  I will get a picture when I go back for Literacy Night tonight and edit this post later.

I brought in my own kids' stuffed Dr. Seuss characters for our classroom library.  Do other teachers look at their own kids stuff and think..."hmmmm...when they are done with that I am going to use it in my classroom"? Or worse yet, buy your kids something with the intention of using it in your classroom later?
The students really enjoyed these and looked adorable reading to their characters.

At the computer center, we enjoyed the activities on the Cat in the Hat pages at

Before going to music, we enjoyed "The Cat in the Hat"

After music we looked at One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and graphed colored goldfish crackers.

I got the graph from Shari Sloane.  The kids really enjoyed the activity, although some of them thought they were going to die from hunger.  We usually have snack before music so they had to wait about 45 minutes longer than normal :)  One thing to watch out for if you do this, there are way more yellow goldfish than anything else, something to consider when passing out the fish or making up cups or bags to pass out.

Lastly, I got these great stickers from Michaels craft store.

Each child got one on the way out for good behavior.

A big shout out to Mrs. Lindberg, aka awesome helper parent volunteer supreme, for all her work today taking down my bulletin board, making up cups of goldfish, passing out stickers, and cutting out laminating!

Hope everyone enjoyed Dr. Seuss' birthday as much as I did!


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