Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Earth

I am exhausted today!  We had way too much fun in class today and got so much done.  Better drink some coffee before I go teach at the university tonight.  We started a new science unit called "My Earth".  This is a really fun earth science unit which covers earth materials, different kinds land, and rocks.  We will also do some planting in this unit which is a lot of fun.

During our first lesson, we look at a globe and identify land and water on the globe.  We talk about whether there is more land or water on the Earth.  Then we do a workbook page about what we found.

For our second lesson, we explore different kinds of earth materials. 

We explored sand, soil, rocks, and water.  We looked at them with a magnifying glass, touched them, and smelled them. Then we constructed a chart about what we found.

Last we used our tray of Earth materials to record our findings in our science journals.

Next up, planting seeds in different kinds of earth materials!  Have a great weekend!



  1. I love your science notebook pages.. where did you get them ?

  2. Yes please share your source!!

  3. we use the Battle Creek Math and Science Curriculum. Here is the website.