Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is there Air in there?

The next several posts are going to be catch ups from the last two weeks.  The last weeks before break seemed very hectic!  Today was supposed to be records day for me, but I ended up home with a sick kid.

We are finishing up the science unit "My Earth".  We talked about air and how we know that it is around us?  The kids gave lots of good examples such as seeing things blown by the wind, blowing up a balloon, etc...

We talked about how air takes up space and I demonstrated this concept by blowing up a plastic bag.

Next we did a little experiment to see which of several items had air inside.  Each table group was given a container of water and several items.  They were asked to submerge the items in water to see what happened.  Some items had bubbles coming out of them.  We talked about how that was air and that the air was being pushed out by the water and that made the bubbles.  This was another way to "see" air.
They of course, loved this!  Who doesn't like to splash around and do experiments with water.  We also discussed how they could do this in the bathtub at home.

Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the journal page, but they had to record one way they knew about air and how it was around them.

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