Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Worms!

Our science unit is called Living Things and as part of the unit we study worms in our classroom. As you can imagine, this was a very exciting event!

First, we read the book "Wonderful Worms"

Then each child got their own worm to observe and draw in his or her science journal.  These were very active worms and were crawling and flipping all over the place!  Waaay too exciting :)

 We put the worms in a worm viewer so we can see the tunnels they make.  Creating the habitat in the viewer was fun to do as it is pretty much like following a recipe.  Putting newspaper in the bottom.  16 cups of soil mixed with one cup of water.  Then put the worms in and sprinkle alfalfa on top.

We put the worm viewer on the science table along with some diagrams of worms to study.


  1. what is a worm viewer? I was thinking of a large glass jar.

  2. A worm viewer is like an aquarium for worms. It has black panels that you put over the clear sides so that it will be dark and the worms would dig tunnels along the sides. You can take the panels off and see the tunnels. I'm sure a jar would work just as well, you could wrap balc paper over it