Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Favorite TV Shows

Primary Connections is having a linky party for favorite TV shows.  Mine in no particular order are:

1.  The First 48 Missing Persons

2. The First 48

3. House Hunters International

4.  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

5.  Dance School:  Julliard

6.  All the Real Housewives

7.  All the Top Chefs

8.  Holmes Inspection
9.  Rehab Addict

10.  Any other reality show!!  can you tell I am a reality TV addict!!


  1. lol it's hard to stop at 5!! I like HGTV and TLC as well but I can't pass up a good drama show :-) Thanks for joining!
    Primary Connections

  2. Whoops! I got carried away. I forgot to stop at five lol

  3. Love all these shows as well!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I'm grew fond of reality TV ever since I watched Rescue 911. Now I'm watching more series about good cops catching criminals rather than those about chefs and wanna-be models.

    Michelle Pendlelton