Friday, June 24, 2011

Crayola Window Markers

I am always looking for interesting things to keep my boys busy.  One of my latest new to me finds is the Crayola Window Markers.

I learned about these from my younger son's daycare provider.  We have a big glass door in the back of our house and I set my three year old up there and he went to town.

He absolutely loved them and they were very easy to clean off!  Just a wet rag did the trick.

This got me thinking about using these in the classroom.  I think it would be awesome to use one of the windows in my classroom as a center.   It would be easy wipe on and wipe off.    Students could:
  • practice names 
  • write sentences with sight words later in the year.  
  • do rainbow words with sight words
I also wondered if Lowes would cut plexi glass into small boards for us to use.  You could put them over practice sheets and use them as wipe on and wipe off.  They would also be another way for students to practice writing letters and words.

Any other ideas?

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