Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clay Animals

We are wrapping up the end of the year. Tomorrow is the last day for AM kindergarten students. They can attend Wrap Around on Tuesday morning if parents wish them too.

We wrapped up our Living Things unit in science with a clay animals project.

First, we read the book "Frog Has a Sticky Tongue" by Pamela Graham. 

This book discusses special body parts that animals have.  While we were reading, we also discussed why the animal might need that body part.

Next, we made clay animals.  I asked the students to think about what special body parts their animals had while they were creating them.  Thank you to our awesome Wrap Around staff for softening up the clay for us the day before!  Here are some examples of pictures of animals the kids made:

Last, they had to draw their clay animal in their science journal and then write the name of the animal, it's special body part and what it is used for.

Hope everyone had  a great weekend!

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