Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter Activities

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to a Harry Potter day at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. They had so many great ideas for activities, I have been wanting to post them here.  My oldest is really into Harry Potter this summer and we may be having a Harry Potter themed birthday party in our future :) I also thought someone might be able to use the activities for a literacy night, but I know Harry Potter is controversial.

There were a variety of puppets and masks.  It looked like someone drew them:

These were finger puppets.

These were Popsicle puppets that we did not have time to finish.


These hats were pretty cool.  I have seen them before, but not done with black and purple.  They would be great for a Halloween theme.  I did hear one mom say that "wizards don't wear hats".

They decorated wooden whistles:

They also decorated wooden snakes.  You could easily make these out of paper to make them cheaper.

Plastic swords.  They were supposed to decorate them, but it was so crowded there.  Again, these could easily be made out of paper.

Tom's Diary..would be easy to make with a book binder or just staple paper.

And magic wands.  These were really easy to make.  It was construction paper wrapped around a dowel and then feathers were taped on it.


We had a great time :)

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