Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mary Wore Her Red Dress

We are going to read "Mary Wore Her Red Dress" by Merle Peek tomorrow.

First we will read the story and sing the song.  We always adapt the song to use the kids names and what they are wearing.  For example,  "Natalie wore her pink shirt".  Then each child will make a page for a class book called "We Wore Colorful Clothes".  The page and the cover are available below. Just click on the picture to download.

The graphics are from Scrappin Doodles. I want to say that I have bought an educational license to post Scrappin Doodles graphics on items on my personal blog.  I am supposed to have a graphic with a number, but I am not sure how I get it.  Do they send it to me?  I will be sure to do whatever I need to once I get the information.

Have a great week everyone!

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