Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Classroom Setup Days 1 and 2

I have gone into my classroom two half days so far.  Unfortunately, I did not take any photos the first day.  I went in on a Saturday and my husband help me move all the big stuff like tables back to the right spots.  They take all the furniture out of our rooms in the summer and clean and wax the floors.  Nothing is ever put back in the right spot!

Today, I went in for a 1/2 day and took my boys.  This is the first time I have attempted this, but they did really well.  I worked for about 2 1/2 hours and then all of us were ready to go home.  Here are some photos and descriptions.

West wall of my classroom, which includes my whole group carpet area, calender wall, word wall, writing center and birthday bulletin board.

Closeup of calender wall.

Word wall and writing center in progress.  The composition notebooks are going to be for poetry.  My plan is to have them match each students writing folder in color..we shall see :)

I repainted a really ugly brown table and rocking chair.  I like to use this for kids who need or want to work alone.  I also may put a puzzle on it this year.  The light green is left over from my kitchen.  Not perfect, but waaay better than it was.

North wall of my classroom.  It includes my teacher desk area, table area, blackboard and computer center.  Aren't my chairs ugly?  We are supposed to be getting new ones that actually match and aren't broken down.

Close up of computer center.

South wall.  Bathrooms, pocket chart, science center (nothing done there yet), book boxes, sink and mailboxes.

Guess I forgot the east wall!  Will try to remember that next time.

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